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Hemp Supply Co. is committed to producing the finest products by using the highest quality ingredients produced by certified production facilities.  

Our core commitment is producing Pharma grade CBD products in the market. Our Customers deserve best in class, 3rd party lab tested, organic and conventional CBD oils and extracts. 100% Bioavailability!

Our goal is to help promote wellness for humans, pets and our earth. Through the thoughtful blending of organic and conventional, full spectrum CBD raw materials abound with Therapeutic Cannabinoids,Terpenoids & flavonoids. We produce products featuring clinically validated ingredients that support structure function claims.

Our team has decades of experience in the CBD industry

This is an exciting time for our industry. You want experts who know the right sources and use good standard practices. We always maintain tight relationships with every arm of our team, whether thats a genetic seed with perfectly selected attributes or using a state of the art testing facility. We also take the time find new technology and research whats next in our ever changing field so we can give you the latest info on whats most important. Give us a call today.

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